Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Update, of sorts.

So far, no squirrels or birds have shown any interest in the cornbread I put out. Weird.

I didn't know that there is a mill near us!  Sallyknit mentioned in a comment on the last post that she and her husband had just been up to Nora Mill Granary over the weekend to buy---wait for it---CORNMEAL.  I had no idea the place existed, but dH and I are going there this weekend. Real, fresh coarse-ground cornmeal will be mine!

And knitting. I have been knitting easy things since I finished the sweater for my older daughter and now I am working on my second pair of socks since Christmas. I love the bright, gaudy colors:

The yarn is Trekking (XXL) in color 550, 75% wool, 25% nylon. 

I just need to finish them before spring and summer arrive. 

AND, younger daughter taught me how to get to my Instagram page, so now I can see whatever the THREE people I follow post. There are people following me, and again, what on earth do they see? I haven't posted anything except for a picture of Taylor Swift that my granddaughter put there when she was trying to show me how to upload or download (I have no idea which) photos. And there is a picture of Baxter, but I don't know how it got there. I thought that maybe Instagram imported it from Facebook, but I am told that the sites don't work that way. Whatevah!

BUT, now I find out that there is something called Tumblr. I am not, as they say, going there.

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