Monday, March 9, 2015

Dead Easy?

I am making this:
Soumak Scarf/Wrap by Rowan

out of this:

and it currently looks like this:

It is the Soumak Scarf/Wrap from the Rowan Knitting & Crochet Magazine 54 and it requires ten different gorgeous colors of Rowan fine tweed.  

And it is, as the Yarn Harlot sometimes says, "dead easy."  

What does that mean?  That it's so easy, a dead person could make it?  I hardly think so.

But nevertheless, consequently, nonetheless, by the way, and by your leave, it sure is EASY!

There was a bit of whining (maybe on my part although I was knitting with others, so who really knows?) when I first started working on this because it's so easy that it was way too easy to make a mistake.  Especially with the lavender color that I kept knitting in where it didn't belong.  I blame that on the yarn.  It was misbehaving.  But now I've got the yarn and the spreadsheet all organized and I am speeding along.  It is 900-some rows long, so I'll be at it for a long time, I know.  

I just hope I don't get tired of it. I won't be able to blame the yarn because I LOVE the yarn. Unless I get tired of the yarn. Which I won't. Because I ...

Never mind.

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