Sunday, March 15, 2015

Only 1040 Rows to Go!

The first of eight sections of Soumak is finished. 

I am happy with it overall, but I wish I had either picked different colors or arranged them differently. Too much red and orange for my taste. And the brown looks like baby diarrhea to me. (What is WRONG with me that that is what came to mind?) But I'm hoping that when all eight sections are completed, the whole will be more than the sum of the parts. Something like that. 

Anyway, I'm knitting on. It's fun to knit because it's easy to knit, and it changes colors often enough to keep boredom at bay, so far.  

And, only 1040 rows to go, plus two ending rows, and 144 stitches per row.

I am not doing the math on that. Until it's finished and then I'll be impressed.  And relieved. 

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sallyknit said...

I think it's really pretty.