Monday, June 1, 2015

How You Know You are in California

I bet this place has been really, really busy since the release of San Andreas.

THIS "Doctor's Office" is not for flu shots.

Of course, because I AM in LA, I had to see San Andreas and as a result, I have advice for anyone living in an earthquake zone:

1.  Meet the Rock.

2.  Stay by his side forevermore. He won't mind. 

3.  Wear a helmet.  All of the time.

And since my daughter's successful (whew!) surgery to remove an acoustic neuroma, I think we should all wear helmets all of the time. I've been reading all things brain-related, and I'm not sure I trust the skull to protect the brain well enough: the brain is gel-like and the skull can break. My daughter now has a titanium plate to cover the portion of bone the surgeons took out, and the titanium is stronger than bone; maybe our skulls could be replaced by titanium. hmmm......

Bonus LA sight:

The only interesting/weird thing seen at yesterday's Melrose Place flea market:

I didn't see anyone buy it, so it's probably still up for grabs y'all.  

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