Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Daughter's Post on FB

As she wrote in today's post, she had brain surgery five weeks and six days ago to remove an Acoustic Neuroma from near her left ear.  

She had excellent surgeons, a great hospital (USC Keck Medical) and a determination to recover the balance the surgery took away; the tumor was attached to the vestibular nerve on the left side of her brain and so the surgeons cut the nerve in order to remove the entire tumor. Lots of physical therapy and a lot of balance exercises, both at PT sessions and at home, and a zillion steps later, she has 100% of her balance back, and for some unknown reason, has her hearing back. She had lost 40% of it in her left ear after the surgery, but yesterday's audiology tests showed that she now hears as well as she used to.

So Yay! for great surgeons and Yay! for Sarah!!!

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