Tuesday, August 18, 2015

#1 If Everyone is Special,

then no one is special.

I'm talking to you Pre-check officials.  

You need to stop just willy-nilly giving pre-check to everyone. Then the pre-check lines are just as long as the cattle-cabin lines and even though I sat in the cattle back of the plane,  I don't like waiting in lines and that IS all that matters (at least to me).  


#2  A perfect day in the Adirondacks is really, really perfect! Temperatures in the 70s, low humidity, blue skies, the tiniest bit of rain, and very spotty coverage for iThings.

We spent the weekend at my husband's family's farm in Hadley, New York. It's been in the family since before

and his descendants gathered over the weekend to relax and hang out. No schedules, just food, swimming and catching up with people, some of whom hadn't been together since the last reunion ten years ago. Some of the "kids" at that reunion were all grown up and had kids of their own. 

And then there was this, after about twenty minutes of rain:

A double rainbow!!!

On Sunday, back to the airport. And lines.....

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