Monday, August 24, 2015

Hard Work

I have gone through my books, taken a LOT of them to Goodwill for their used book sale, and now I am trying to put books back into the shelves. It is not easy, y'all!!!

My husband tried to "help" by just grabbing a stack of books and slapping them on a shelf.

NO!  NO!  NO!

Not just any book can go next to just any other book! Good heavens!!!

They MUST be arranged by author, and by an amorphous, mysterious system known only to me.

Of course, Henry James goes with...Henry James and with Evelyn Waugh. Duh. Everyone knows that. Easy peasy.

Barbara Kingsolver goes with Sherman Alexie and Louise Erdrich and Michael Dorris,  

says I. Clear as day. Although I might need to rearrange the order amongst them. Hmmmm....

And Richard Russo (I love him) needs to be with Richard Ford. He just does.

Of course David Sedaris, Allie Brosh and Murr Brewster all hang out together. They make each other (and me) laugh. The Bloggess would be here too, but she is in my e-reader where she will never have to be dusted or rearranged. 

But then there are the one-offs.  A single book by a particular author, like Loving Frank by Nancy Horan. What to do, what to do? 

A friend of my older daughter just rearranged her books by COLORS!!!

But, but, but....I said.  I KNOW, said my daughter. How does she find the book she is looking for???

That's just a crazy system.

Now, back to work on my completely sensible, logical and practical method.  This might take some time....

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