Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I Heard the Other Day

that if you've searched and searched EVERYWHERE for something, and just can't find it, look for something else and you will find the first lost thing. It's true! It just happened!

When we went to Ireland last year, we used this map:

It was a great map and we used it to get around Northern Ireland and Ireland. Never got lost. We need it again this year, and we haven't been able to find it anywhere! (Mostly my husband searches...he asks me if I have found it and I mumble Haven't seen it. I know, not much help.)

So my husband found this one on the internet and ordered it. It arrived a week or so ago:

It's perfectly good, but we really wanted the lost one.

Part two:

I have been looking all over the house for the creamer pitcher that goes with this sugar bowl:

I remember that the handle had broken off and I had given it to my husband to glue back together. I cannot, cannot find it. Today, in my search for the lost china, I found the missing map! (So really, I did help!)

Great news, right? But I'm still missing the creamer. 

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