Wednesday, August 10, 2016

New Project

I am working on this Purple and Pink Extra Long Cowl:

using the Koigu colors in the photo, so it will be exactly like the one in the photo.

Only it's not.

I finished the first color section, which is all of 7 rows, and this is how wide it is, about an inch.  

What the #$%^

I re-read the instructions. The cowl is 30 rows wide??? That means slightly over 4 inches???

(7+8+8+7=30  Right???)

I wrote an e-mail to Kitterly who sold the kit and said "What the #$%^?

They wrote back saying that they hadn't written the pattern and they hadn't taken the photo and it looks to them like the cowl IS only about 4 inches wide.

So there we go. It is an extremely narrow but long cowl. But I, dear readers, am throwing caution to the wind and knitting as many rows of each of the four colors and I choose, and the pattern be damned!

It will be a thing of beauty, but it will not look like the picture.  

There are no knitting police. I'm taking the Yarn Harlot at her word on this.

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