Sunday, March 18, 2018

Alrighty then...

While I was at K-roger on Thursday, buying groceries, minding my own business, an elderly man stopped his cart in front of mine. That was fine; he was going across my path, so I was waiting anyway for him to go by. Instead, he stopped and said to me:  This is more fun than anyone ought to have. I laughed politely, and thought to myself, and myself hates going to the grocery store: This isn't any fun at all, but ok.

He leaned in closer and said: Don't tell anyone this. I leaned in closer.

I could have been somebody.

I started to feel sorry for him and also wondered if I was going to have to listen to a long, sad tale of woe.

I coulda been a contendah! he said.

And then he walked on.

As I said---alrighty then.

On to knitting. Tah-dah!  Or something. I have made progress on the Papillon, but it sure doesn't feel like it.

I have finished two of the three sections, and it's still very purple. I'm thinking of cutting into the next bit of yarn so I can get to some other colors, although there are really only three others---green, turquoise and blue, and not much of any of them. 

On the construction front, the shower is finished, and I thought, silly me, that we could move back into the bedroom. I am living in a dorm room, I've decided. Too much stuff, not enough space.

And I have a really messy roommate, although the daughter whose room this used to be blames me. She is in LA so how would she know? I would NEVER have made this much of a mess myself.  

So even though the mess from the shower and tile installation is gone, now there is the mess from the cabinet and mirror removal, and the the drywall compound patches on the walls. Sanding the compound remains to be done, and that produces way too much white powdery dust to live in. 

Various paint color samples are on the walls as well, but before we decide on a final color, my husband will prime the whole room to cover up all the random paint.  

Once the cabinets and counter tops and mirrors and faucets arrive...maybe we'll be finished with this, knittergran says with hope in her voice.  

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Suburban Correspondent said...

I wonder if his first line was a famous movie quote. The last one was, but you probably know that.