Friday, March 30, 2018


said I.

When I was at my daughter's house over Christmas, I hadn't brought any knitting with me (dumb thing to forget) and so I knit her a sock with her supplies. I didn't have my pattern with me and she doesn't use a pattern really, because she has knit so many socks, and because she is younger than I am (duh) and has a better memory than I do.

So I just knit along, asking her instructions from time to time, and I DIDN'T EVEN COUNT ROWS! How freeing!!! How intuitive!!!

The sock came out just fine so when I started one at home, I thought, I don't need no stinkin' instructions and off I went.

Last night after I finished the heel flap, I picked up 18 stitches along one side, knit and purled the instep stitches, and picked up 18 along the other side, split the heel flap stitches onto the two needles with the picked up stitches, and started decreasing for the gusset.  Gee, there sure are a lot of stitches, thought I.

But I knit on, thinking that I must not be remembering correctly just how many stitches I needed to work with.  

But really, this is A LOT of stitches.

This morning I searched and searched and finally found my pattern and discovered that I had not turned the heel!!!

Mystery solved. WAY too many stitches.  

And turning the heel is fun. And magic. I like turning the heel.

So I frogged many, many rows and turned the heel. I trust I will not forget again any time soon.

Et voila!  A properly turned heel.

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