Friday, June 12, 2009

Austin, Texas

Day Four

I have been unfairly accused of there not being any discipline when I watch the grandchildren.

This is not true.

When they are doing something I consider to be a questionable activity, I ask them, "Would your mother say it is OK for you to do this?"

They say "Yes."


(And if Lily cries, I let her do or have whatever she wants.)


hokgardner said...

See, there's your mistake. If they say yes, you should automatically assume that I would, in fact, say no.

Mary Ellen said...

You are a COOL grandma, and don't you let anybody (even their mother) tell you any different.

Besides, discipline is for parents. Spoiling is for grammies. It's a well-known fact.

Keeffer said...

they're only honest about what their parents would say until age four. after that- they've wised up and are sneaky about getting their way.