Friday, June 5, 2009

Just in Time for Texas

First of all, I finished the second sock of my sparkly Berroco Sox Metallic yarn, but the sparklies don't show in the picture. I know they are there! And so will all my friends and family (not you, younger daughter) when I wear them.

These are not blocked. I don't block socks; I figure that's what feet are for.

And second, I finished my second attempt at the Bitty Bolero sweater. THIS one will fit Elizabeth, I am sure. But she doesn't get it till her first birthday, in October, and even if I gave it to her now, it is way too hot in Texas to wear a wool sweater, even one as soft as this one. It's made from 100% merino wool, and I am starting to think that out of all the wonderful fibers that are made into yarn (wool, angora, bamboo, milk -yes-milk, cotton, soy, alpaca, mohair, silk and ???? I'm sure I've forgotten some), I love working with merino the best. It is just SO, SO soft! This is Malabrigo, colorway Cuarento 237. And have I learned my lesson about the importance of making gauge swatches?
Probably not...

I've also bought yarn for a new project to work on while I'm in Texas, because, you know, there are just NO yarn shops there!

Oh, and I do have a new camera. Phew. Without pictures, how can I blog???


hokgardner said...

Does the sweater come with the twenty?

Suna said...

Yeah, sure wish we had yarn shops here. Luckily all these knitting needle shops seem to carry a bit of yarn, too.

Becca said...

My sister spent our entire vacation making gauge swatches, switching needles, making new gauge swatches, discussing things like DK and other such acronyms with my mom and finally gave up the pattern she had chosen for her boyfriend altogether and chose a new one...and started making gauge swatches. That is why I do not knit: I can't delay gratification that much.