Tuesday, May 31, 2011


On Getting Older

Lately, three things have come to my attention about the issue of getting older.


There was a list going around on the internet on the topic of the advantages of getting older. One was that no one would accuse us of being hypochondriacs. not.funny. (Well, it sort of is, but you know what I mean.)


I listened to a man on NPR (being old and all, I can’t remember if he was a doctor or a researcher) who said that we shouldn’t call getting older aging; we should call it-----Deterioration. Not nice. Not nice at all.

And Three:

I think of myself as ME! Just plain ME. Yes, I know I’m older than I used to be. But when someone speaking about a group of people she had encountered at an event said to me: They were about your age, I thought, Wait, WHAT?

I thought I was just me, a bit older than I used to be yes, but just me. I hadn’t realized that OTHER people knew this. I thought they just thought of me as ME. Not OLD me.

My cover is blown? Or I had no cover to begin with….I was just fooling myself?

Maybe I will go for this look.

I think she's having fun.


Becca said...

I have a new friend at work and we hang out and have a lot of fun but every once in a while something will come up that shows that I have forgotten that she is nearly 15 years younger than me (like I refer to something from the late 80s, when I was in college and she was in grade school). when i do remember I feel old.

Susan said...

I work with some younger women too. The other day one of them said "You know so much!" I said I have lived a lot longer than she has - she laughed but it is so true.

I agree with you that we don't recognise our own aging - the deterioration I can recognise though!!