Friday, May 13, 2011

Why, I Oughta.....

What rights or recourse do I have with a business I pay nothing to? No contract. No money.

No recourse, you say?

Well, never mind then. But Blogger deleted yesterday's post ( although not just mine, SO THEY SAY) and some of you might have missed this.

And you might have missed the 20 or 30 two comments about the video. So it's back.

As an apology for the icky video, here are some pictures of flowers in my garden:

My clematis.

Water Lily.

Water Lily in the pond. We put it in about a month ago on the recommendation of a pond supply business. The large leaves will help obscure the fish (if there are any left) so that the visiting heron won't have such an easy time picking them off.

I love having flowers in my own back yard!

Update: Well, those tricky folks at Blogger. Now they have re-posted yesterday's post, but not the 20 or 30 two comments. C'mon guys!!!

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