Monday, August 22, 2011

Make It Stop!

I think I have mini-bi-polar disease. Since my knee surgery last Tuesday, I have been housebound, save for one RIDE IN THE CAR!!! My husband wouldn't let me open the window and hang my head out to catch the wind, but still, I was out of the house.

Today, suddenly I HAD to clean the refrigerator. No lie. I cleaned the refrigerator.

And then I returned to my whiny self. Ohhh, mykneeisthesizeofagrapefruit. Poor, poor me. Time for ice and wallowing in some self pity.

And then there were all these papers on my desk. I MUST deal with them. RIGHT NOW! Where did they come from??? What are they??? I sorted through them, wrote checks, paid bills, and shredded the very important potential identity theft papers. Whew....

ooops. Back to whining. Poor, poor me. Mykneeisstillthesizeofagrapefruit. Really, really, poor, poor me. Sniff....sniff.

I get the stitches out tomorrow and I'm going to ask the doctor if it's true that anesthesia affects a person for ten days after surgery because sweet baby jeebus, this is no fun.

And I have watched No more Hoarding: Buried Alive for me.

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Mrs. G. said...

Nick had knee surgery a few years ago and he reacted very similar to what you are describing--working in fits and starts. I hope that knee is treating you right soon!