Monday, August 29, 2011

Just My Luck

After I went through physical therapy to strengthen my leg to help support my bad knee, I found the perfect gym for me. It was small, not fancy---no pool, steam room, sauna, fancy dressing room---and I joined it. I went there for a couple of weeks until my knee gave out on me.

So now I have had the surgery and am back in physical therapy. After my surgery I received a letter from a big gym, LA Fitness, telling me that they had bought out my old gym and when I brought my old membership card in, LA fitness would swap it out for a membership card at their gym.

Rats. I loved my gym. It was small, never crowded and had exactly the equipment I needed. LA fitness has the equipment as well, but it's filled with people like this:

Young women in great shape:
Men who think they look like this:
But who actually look like this:
My old gym was not in the least intimidating. Everyone there was sort of middle aged and older, and I never saw anyone in great shape there, just people like me trying to be in better shape. No show-offs.

And my old gym cost $12.00 a month. LA Fitness is honoring that fee for six months, and then it will go up to $39.00 a month.

I hope I can find a new no-frills gym close by, but the attendant at LA Fitness told me that a gym charging $12/month can't last long.


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Susan said...

I have to make a gym decision tomorrow. My husband is dropping our family membership because it got too expensive. He said I can join on my own but it is $90.00 per month. So I would welcome $39. and can't even imagine $12!