Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On the Road Again!!!

Watch out world! I'm free!

I can drive!

I just had my stitches removed!

I can bend my knee!

I can stop trying to scrub off the yellow blobs and streaks of betadyne! (turns out it's not betadyne; it's bruising)

My knee still looks like a grapefruit and I have a couple of months of pt ahead, but one week to the day after surgery, I'm in the home stretch.

After the appointment with my doctor, I went to Whole Foods to get yummy stuff. Apparently my body has missed fruit, because when I unloaded the bags at home, I realized that I had bought about $70 of fruit. And one ear of corn. (dH is out of town for the week.)



Becca said...

yay you indeed!

Susan said...

Sounds like how I eat when mine is away. Great job on the healing!