Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Baxter---bad boy!

Baxter's favorite toys are pipe cleaners. Yesterday, I pulled my address book out of this cabinet and was going to put it back in a few minutes. I had left the door open and Baxter apparently smelled the pipe cleaner supply in there. I saw him on the counter, so I closed the door. When I wasn't looking, Baxter got up on the counter to investigate.He was able to open the door and he grabbed the package and pulled it out.
The rest went onto the floor.
Does he look the least bit guilty?
Hah! He doesn't know what guilt is.

Now I'll have to put a child-proof latch on this cabinet door, just as I had to do with the cabinet where we keep the bread.

Bad kitty!

(And yes, I was taking pictures instead of pulling him off the counter, but I had already pulled him off several times. He was relentless. I pulled out my camera.)


Becca said...

so cute! good thing he's not strong enough to open the fridge door, like my dog is. (and now I am sitting here hoping I locked it this morning)

Susan said...

Your cat is much smarter than my dog!