Friday, October 14, 2011


That I didn't want or need.

Hmmm....What's this???
(Daughter's sweater soaking)
Testing the water:
All four feet in:
And now out:
And yes, there I was again, taking pictures instead of reinforcing what NO means. But I was so surprised that he would get in the bathtub and the two inches of water in it that I ran for the camera. He was in and out several times, but when he started walking on the sweater, and then, even worse, chewing on one of the long strands of yarn I will use to sew a side seam, I took him out and banished him from the room.

I have never soaked and blocked pieces before sewing an item together before, but in a recent post by the Yarn Harlot she mentioned that she was doing that, and if it works for her, maybe it's a good idea. The sleeves were so curled on the edges that sewing them up would have been difficult. I'll see how this works, once all that heavy wool dries.

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Murr Brewster said...

My cat thinks it is helpful to sit on my quilt while I'm doing free-motion quilting. That way it doesn't slide around so much. She gets into a bunched-up spot so I can't see her, and I spend five minutes thinking my tension has hung up.