Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Front and Back


Yay!!! Now all I have to do is:
knit two sleeves, which I am doing at the same time on the same needles with two balls of yarn, even though using two balls of yarn at once DRIVES ME CRAZY because they get all twisted up but I don't want Second Sleeve Syndrome because that's worse than Second Sock Syndrome because sweater sleeves are bigger than socks. And then pick up a few thousand stitches around the neck and sleeves to knit a six-inch ribbed collar.
I learned a couple of things making the front and back:

1. Give up sitting in my favorite rocking chair to knit and instead knit at a table where I can have all three pieces of paper in front of me at one time because I have to keep referring from one to the other because the pattern is so %^&* complicated.

2. Use several counters and don't get them mixed up. EVER.

3. How to knit the following types of cables and twists: claw, diamond, large rope, V, plaited and small rope. Yee hah. (Actually, that was sort of fun, once I stopped staring like a deer in the headlights at the instructions.)

4. Keep the cable needle in my mouth AT ALL TIMES so that I don't lose it---again---and have to spend five minutes looking for it.

5. Keep the scissors in my mouth AT ALL TIMES---next time, once I find them---so that I don't have to spend however long it is going to take to find them this time.

All in all, a learning experience. I can't wait to get the whole thing finished so I can admire it and then send it off to younger daughter in LA and be done with it.

(And as a bonus, I bought yarn to make myself one too. Can't wait......)

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Susan said...

So complicated! That is why my hobby is smashing things and then glueing them on stuff!