Wednesday, December 21, 2011

$%^&* Blogger

Blogger has just changed the format for writing and for putting pictures in a blog and I can't figure it out, hence the title.  Now my blog is upside down, sort of.  What I intended to do was show---first---some sights from the light show at Atlanta Botanical Gardens (really, really pretty and a nice thing to go see on a not-freezing evening) and then I wanted to add some photos of a house in the Atlanta area that has gone...I'm not sure terms of decorating.  It was fun to walk around and see all the inflatables.  There was also a table with addressed envelopes for an Atlanta-area charity---nice touch.

If you are in the Atlanta area over Christmas, go see the lights at Atlanta Botanical, and don't miss the most amazing lights EVER in the conservatory.  Magic, I tell you.  Magic!


Sigrun said...

lovely pictures.

Susan said...

The new format does take some getting used to. Hang in!

I like those globe things.