Monday, February 20, 2012

Magic #$%^&* Loop

Deanna, knitter extraordinaire, YarnGurl on Ravelry, invited some of us Thursday night knitters to her home over the weekend so that she could teach us the Magic Loop method of knitting two socks at once on one long circular needle. Huh? It involves the singing group ABBA and bunny ears and lots of tangle.

It is, at least for now, more difficult than it sounds. This photo shows, oh, about an hour or so of struggling to get stitches cast on correctly:

Impressive, yes?

Well, there's more.

This is the result of several more hours of struggle work. There are supposed to be two bunny ear loops, and there are three loops instead. But there ARE the beginnings of two socks.....I think.
Now this is better:
Sallyknits observed that in the time it took us to get this far, we could have knit a couple of inches of a sock; of course that would be only ONE sock and instead we have two here.

We are willing to soldier on and see what happens. With any luck and common sense, we should end up with a pair of socks.


hokgardner said...

Since when does common sense have anything to do with knitting?

Margie said...

I've been trying to teach my daughter how to crochet. Lots of loose ends, tangles, tight loops, loose loops and all round confusion - much like your sock session I expect.

Susan said...

This is exactly why I can't knit.