Monday, February 13, 2012

Too Old

I LOVE Willie Nelson. Love, love, love. I was first aware of him when we moved to Florida and I remember the day I got in my MGB, top down, beautiful blue, cloudless sky, low humidity (October) and I was driving to my tennis lesson listening to Willie singing Blue Skies. Perfection. And then I realized I had forgotten my tennis racquet and had to drive back home.

Over the weekend, I saw a notice in the local paper that he was performing in Atlanta and I bought last-minute tickets over the internet for his show last night at The Tabernacle. It's a pretty place, but I had never been there before and my tickets said Row 2, seat 12 (and 13). Great seats, right up front!!!

And then I talked with my LA daughter who said that I didn't have Great seats, right up front!!!, that I had standing room only tickets. Uh, oh.

So why give seat assignments? But she was correct and it was SRO. Rats. I wore pretty boots. And as it turned out, after a couple of hours, uncomfortable boots.

First out came this entertainer. For a brief, happy moment I thought it was a surprise entertainer, a surprise named Jack White.

But it wasn't. It was Sonia Lee, a country music singer and her group. She might be good; I couldn't tell because the music was so LOUD.

 What'd you say?

 I said LOUD!!!

After a while, Willie Nelson and his group came out and they were great. He performed lots of everyone's favorites, and it wasn't loud, just perfect. However, there was a mysterious, hazy smoke in the air. Can't imagine what that was in a "No Smoking" building. Hmmmm........

I once saw Willie in a running shoe store in Austin, Texas but he didn't sing. He was there to promote a run he was sponsoring the next day to raise money for FarmAid, I think. But I had never seen him perform, so last night was an absolute treat, but standing? Not so much. And because people holding plastic cups of beer couldn't applaud, they waved their cups of beer high in the air as a salute. And they shoved through the people to get to the front, close to the stage, carrying full cups of sloshing beer. We didn't end up in a beer shower, but odds are, someone did. All part of the ambiance.

My LA daughter says that the next time I want to go to the Tabernacle, I should call her and let her order the tickets over the internet. She has been there and knows how to get the old people seats. Actual seats WITH seats in the balcony.

We're too old to stand.


Sigrun said...

I'd love to see WN in person. But I can't go to concerts for all those reasons. The kids got us George Jones tickets for our anniversary some years ago. We did have good seats, but the "sweet smoke" smell and the beer smell made me so sick we had to leave early. Unfortunately, GJ's performance was "over the hill" that night--will listen to CD's instead.

Becca said...

yeah standing sucks for anything these days. I was listening to Willie on the way to work this morning. love him too.