Sunday, February 26, 2012

Say It Isn't So!!!!!

I seem to have run out of yarn!!! I don't have enough left for the ribbed neck and for the grafted seams under the arms.

Off to the LYS tomorrow. I guess I will mail the sweater unblocked to my daughter. She knows how to finish this---I leave Tuesday morning to visit a friend in Florida and I would like my granddaughter to be able to wear this owlet sweater before it is in the 100's in Texas; it's already in the 80's there.

Swerts, as my daughter used to say.

Update: I just looked down to see Baxter chewing on the little bit of yarn I have left. I pulled on the end attached to the sweater and a surprising amount came back----wet and slimy and disgusting. I'm surprised there weren't intestines attached. Now I have to wash it in order to use it. Normally I would cut it off and toss the blechy mess into the trash.

Swerts and double swerts.

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Sigrun said...

Your granddaughter will love the dog barf story.