Sunday, March 18, 2012

Were you drunk

when you opened this? I asked younger daughter.

No, I wasn't drunk. I hadn't even had anything to drink.

The reason I asked was that I made this with my own two little hands----it's the first needlepoint I've done in decades----for her birthday, which is today.

It is a leather case with two mirrors inside. With S's initial on the front----the S????

She hadn't noticed that there was an S and she thought I had bought it already made. When I told her I had made it myself, with my own two little hands, she said It looks too professionally put together to have been made by you.

So is that a compliment or an insult???

I can't decide, but I'm going to think on it for awhile, before I decide what to get her for her next birthday......

1 comment:

Keeffer said...

it's a compliment to say something looks professionally made. and i didn't notice the S because i looked at it sideways. not up and down like you took the picture!

i'm already carrying it in my purse thank you!!!