Tuesday, March 13, 2012

YAY Post Office!!!

No, not because they explained to my satisfaction where my mail has been since October.

I didn't ask.

But I did go to the Post Office today to mail a package to younger daughter for her birthday---Happy Birthday S!

About 20 minutes after I left, I decided that I should charge my phone in the car. Uh....Where is the phone????

Back to the Post Office. I checked the counter where I would have left the phone/address book.


So I jumped ahead of the line and asked the nice Postal Worker if anyone had turned in a cell phone. He said No and asked the other nice Postal Worker if he had seen it. He asked what color it was and I answered Pink.

He left and went into the back room, while the long line of customers waited. When he came back, he asked if the cover was only pink.

Nope, pink and white.

He handed me my phone and....I am not making this up....the people in line, who had been delayed because of my interruption---they CHEERED!!! And they APPLAUDED!!!

That, and getting my phone back, made my day. (But mostly getting my phone back.)


Susan said...

Hurray! I like out postal people, too. They are very helpful and patient.

knittergran said...

I agree. I've always thought that the reason Postal workers go "Postal" and shoot each other is because they aren't allowed to shoot the customers.