Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Free! Free at Last!

And no bail required!

I was going to throw the boot over the deck railing and into the back yard, but then I would have to go out in the cold and pick it up, so I just sort of tossed it across the room, and Molly is now checking it out.  For the millionth time.

The PA (the ortho seemed to be in hiding.  Kinda odd...) said that the broken bones are 100% mended and after a few sessions of pt, I am finished with all this.  Yay!

Yay is right.  Does this mean you will stop whining?  

I haven't been whining.  I've been complaining, a little, and I was entitled to complain.

A little!  Hah!  And no, you weren't entitled.  The PA told you that of all the patients she has seen with the type of breaks you had, only three have not required surgery, and you are one of the three.  So really, you are LUCKY!

OK.  I'm lucky.  And as much as I normally hate going to the mall, I am going there tomorrow to get something from the Gap and also to ask a question at the Apple store.  

I can go to the mall!!!!

Oh, yay.

Yes!  Oh yay!

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