Saturday, March 5, 2016

My Doppelgänger

I do not say that she is my doppelgänger.  Other people say so. (Actually, they say I am HER doppelgänger, but I am more important to me than she is, so I say she is MINE.) When I am out and about in public, doing errands, going to a doctor's appointment, eating, shopping, at least every week or two, someone approaches me and I know what is coming. 

You look just like Blythe Danner.

I don't know what I am supposed to do with that information. Apply to be her stunt double? I don't think she does stunts so she probably doesn't need one. Maybe take over parenting Gwyneth Paltrow? No thanks. I like my own kids a whole lot better.

Also, I DO NOT LOOK like Blythe Danner.  I promise you that. 

I always say:  It's the hair.  We have the same hair.

My hair

Although hers is grayer. Mine has mysteriously stayed its original color.  

This past week, though, my protestations backfired on me. The nurse at a medical office said: You look like someone famous, but I can't think of her name.

I sighed and replied:  Blythe Danner. I hear that all of the time. It's the hair. We have the same hair.

She said that I shouldn't mind being told about the resemblance because Blythe Danner is pretty. Then she proceeded to ask the questions she is supposed to ask a patient. At one point she stared really intently at me and I was impressed. Wow, I thought, she is really concentrating on my answers.

But then she announced: You're right. It's the hair. You really don't look anything like her.

So I guess that means she took back the pretty part.  



Sssallyknit said...

I read somewhere that she gets up to $29K for speaking appearances . Maybe you should capitalize on that!

Sssallyknit said...
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knittergran said...

Holy Cow! I didn't know that---maybe she needs a stand-in???