Monday, May 30, 2016

Oh Deer

In my mind, my garden is beautiful. In my mind, the rose bushes are four feet tall and covered with roses; the butterfly bushes are six feet tall and covered with blooms. All the perennials are healthy and flowering.

In reality, the rose bushes are one foot high and obviously nibbled, the butterfly bushes are two feet high, the perennials, most of them, are chewed to the ground. I would swear that, based on the damage, I am planting things FOR the deer.

So I am fighting back with everything I can find. When I went to the garden center, I asked for netting to put over the plants and the saleslady suggested that I also go to the dollar store and buy helium balloons; she has heard they might frighten deer away. 

Then I went to the most gorgeous nursery I have ever seen, Scottsdale Farms, and in addition to beautiful plants, I bought a deer deterrent product.

Now my garden looks like this:

Netting over the puny rose bush

My arsenal: netting, deterrent, helium balloon. There are THREE rose bushes in the photo. THREE! You just can't see them because they are so PUNY!!! Thanks deer.

My new garden boots!  Aren't they purty?

Elmo says "Hi!"

In my online research into discouraging deer, I read that they don't like the odor of garlic and that sprinkling garlic powder around in a garden might keep deer away.

That's my next weapon. 

Oh deer my %^Y&UI(OP.


Sallyknit said...

I love the balloons! Garden art! Maybe you need a high fence and a dog 😜

Kim S. said...

When livig in Ohio, we would broadcast Milorganite organic nitrogen fertilizer in our flower beds and on the hosta plants (deer candy). The deer didn't like the ordor and we were fertilizing at the same time. Win-win!

knittergran said...

Kim S---Thank you so much. I have seen that product in Lowe's, so I will give it a try. I knew it worked to get rid of some insects, but not to deter deer.