Saturday, May 14, 2016

Back from LA

We just returned from a visit with younger daughter, who celebrated her one-year anniversary of brain surgery! Yay S! The surgery was successful, with only a minor hearing loss as a result of removing an acoustic neuroma on her left acoustic nerve.

Before we left Atlanta, I had tasked asked her to find this house:

It is Harry Bosch's house in the series Bosch on Netflix. The series is based on really good police dramas written by Michael Connelly. And yes, I do know that it is fiction, and that no one named Harry Bosch lives in this great house, but SOMEONE does; it exists and I want to see it.

Apparently younger daughter was not very motivated to find it because she DIDN'T.

She also has not watched (or read) the series because if she had, she would move out of LA.  It's dangerous there, y'all!!!

Anyway, we had a nice visit, even though her plans to keep us busy while she was at work didn't quite work out. She had suggested that we go to the Rain Room at LACMA, but when we looked for the hours it was open on Monday, we learned that it was closed for a couple of weeks, no explanation given.

OK, we'll go see the newly-opened Frank Lloyd Wright house on Monday. On Monday we looked up the hours....not open on Monday or Tuesday, the only days we had left to go there.

Our next stop, the Broad, a new museum of contemporary art, was a no-go as well. Because it's relatively new, tickets were sold out for a month or so in advance. Standby tickets only....

We did go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market and that was entertaining, more for the people there than for the stuff for sale, but the best thing was this:

A friend who saw the photo of this funnel cake topped with powdered sugar and chocolate sauce asked me if the apple dessert was good. Hah! It was Mother's Day.  Who eats good-for-you stuff on Mother's Day? No apples here.

We did also make it to see the amazing cars at the Petersen Automotive MuseumWhat I loved was the stairway that was designed specifically for the museum:

Sort of looks like a weirdly-shaped hubcap, doesn't it?

We also made it to the BEACH!!! Saltwater, waves, sand, my favorite place to be. But the weather was not ideal...isn't it always sunny in Los Angeles?  (Nope, just in Philadelphia.) We experienced what the locals call "May Gray." The temperature was in the 60's so that was nice, but we only saw sun the last two days we were there, and not until after about 4:30. But that's ok; it was still the beach.
Santa Monica Pier

Now, back to TV (Remember? I mentioned the Bosch series?). There is a new version of Burn Notice on television, but it isn't about a spy and it doesn't take place in Miami and it has a different cast. It's about...hard to say. It is The Catch on ABC.

The plot is convoluted and totally unrealistic, just like the plot of Burn Notice, and it's a pretty show set, not in Miami, but in LA, where it IS always sunny in TV land. The people are pretty; the settings are pretty; the clothes and jewels and cars are pretty. But there is one thing that distracts me:

Mereille Enos's eyelashes.  

Holy Smokes! No one's eyelashes are that long. And we know they are fake because she doesn't have them on when she is in her AMAZING home. 

So, I watched this show and then started noticing all the really, really long eyelashes on other actresses. Real people don't wear false lashes this long, right?

Wrong. In LA they do and I saw some in the wild, so to speak, on a saleslady in a store we went to. It's like seeing a new bird species! I can add them to my life list.

And I can add this:

We were stopped at a red light when we saw this man on the opposite side of the light. He rides this, in LA traffic.

Brave man?  Or crazy man? I report, you decide. 

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