Sunday, February 4, 2018

Are We Having Fun?

Not exactly. We are in the demo stage of having a new shower put in and it's a mess. 

The view through the plastic sheeting into the bathroom: 

Where the bathtub...oops...I mean Garden Spa...and the shower used to be:

For the first stage in the project, my husband was going to do the demo, then he decided that the contractor could do the demo, then he decided that he would do the demo. It will only take a weekend (hahaha) this way, AND, bonus, he gets to buy a new toy tool, a reciprocating saw:

How Exciting!!!

So what we have now is lots of dust, mostly, and I do mean ONLY mostly, confined to the bathroom. Some has made its way out to the bedroom, and some is in the shape of footprints down the hall and down the stairs and out the front door. For the sake of my sanity and my lungs, I have moved to the bedroom and bath down the hall. Husband is toughing it out, presumably to prove that there is no harm in breathing in white dust, and is sleeping in the dusty bedroom. Yuck. He coughs a lot.

I also am wearing the same clothes daily to avoid going through the dust bowl to get to my closet. If you see someone who is in a dusty shade of black everything, top to bottom, it's probably me.

On the 19th of February, the contractor and his crew are scheduled to show up to construct a larger shower (hence the missing spa). 

I have advice for anyone who is thinking of remodeling a bathroom.

1.  Do ALL of your research BEFORE you hire a contractor.  Silly me, I assumed hiring a contractor meant also hiring a designer. But nope. No designer on this crew.

2.  And that means that everyplace we went to pick out supplies, we were asked What color will your countertops be? Um, I don't know yet. What color will your cabinets be?  Uh, maybe white? Not sure. What color tile will be in the shower? The shower floor? The accent tile?  Accent tile? We need accent tile?  Uh, I don't know. What finish on the faucets? Don't know.

Each of these questions was from a different business, the tile supplier, the cabinet store, the stone warehouse, the plumbing supplier. 

All of this shopping and comparing and decision-making should have gone on before we hired a contractor.  

So do as I say, not as I do. That's the free advice for today.

On the knitting front, this is my progress on the Papillon project. It is very slow going because of all of the %^&* short rows, and I have done a good bit of swearing (and I'm not normally one to swear you know).

There is a very, very long way to go on this.  Husband is still untangling the second skein of the purple/blue yarn and that will take hours, but not as many hours as it will take me to even need the second skein. That's how slow I am. 

AND, to top it all off today, even though it is rainy and cold and the day everyone normal should be home waiting for the Super Bowl, everyone was instead at Avalon and the Apple Store, where I had to leave my phone to get a new battery installed. 

So this means I am without my phone. I needed to take a photo of the Papillon so that I could share it with you all, but I didn't have my phone, I mean my camera, I mean my phone. I borrowed my husband's.  Phew. It is weird that I own the phone because I almost never use it as a phone. I keep my address book in it, I text with it, I check e-mails, and I look things up on the internet, but I don't call anyone and the only calls I get are identified as "Likely Scam" by Apple or whoever. But it is my phone and I have to go back in an hour or so to pick it up. GO HOME PEOPLE, so I can park! And not have to wait in a long line. 

Go watch the Super Bowl, please.

Thank you.  

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Sallyknit said...

The joys of remodeling! I will see your dusty self on Thursday. By the way, your papillon is beautiful!