Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm An Adult

What was my first clue?

The husband? the two children? the four grandchildren?

No, no and no.

Two college degrees? certification to teach in three states? various teaching jobs, including one as an adjunct University professor, teaching adult military students, on a military base?

No, no and no again.

It's a new bed. A REAL wooden bed.

For years, no-not years...for DECADES, we've had a wobbly, very, very faux brass headboard that wasn't even attached to the bed. It was just wedged between the bed and the wall. I'm sure I thought it was attractive or something when I bought it, but really? Ugh.

So once we put wood floors in the bedroom, I decided that we needed a new REAL bed, and thanks to the poor economy, everything is on sale everywhere.

So, for a really good price, I now have this real grown-up's bed:


Sigrun said...

I totally get it. I'm probably an older adult than you. We still have our waterbed from the late 70's and bedroom furniture that doesn't match (do the drawers hold contents more neatly when the furniture matches?) Now I have finally decided I need (false: I really, really want) a good bedroom suite. I'm convinced I will sleep better.

Keeffer said...

i like it. when you hate this, can i have it? someday you will hate it- i remember how pleased you were with the brass bed way back when.