Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Short-Attention Span Knitter

That would be me. For awhile, I've been knitting socks, scarves, a chicken and other mostly quick projects. This is my latest:

Surprise! It's a scarf!

I made it using Rowan Cocoon yarn, emerald color. I love, love, love this yarn. It's heavier than worsted weight so I used a size 10.5 needle. It took three skeins, and it has ribbing, seed and garter stitches in it.

The reason it took so little time to knit this (just over a week-and that's a little time for me) is that the lace project and the loopy Shaun the Sheep tea cozy are in time out. The lace project has been very, very bad and may be in time out for a very, very long time. Shaun the sheep is just annoying me a bit, so he may come out of time out sooner. We'll see...

So now I have started the second of my Mountain Colors throw. I made the previous one and gave it to older daughter, but this one is for ME!


calicobebop said...

The color is lovely!

Surely the lacey project can't be as bad as that black mohair one? Sorry to hear that it's being a pain in the rear. I hope it decides to behave itself soon!

Mary Ellen said...

I love projects that I can finish in under a week, and definitely under two. I always have one long term project going, like an afghan, but I keep putting it down in favor or socks or scarves!

I love the color of this scarf!