Friday, April 3, 2009

More Short-Attention Span Knitting

At last night's Knit Night I bought yarn for two more quick projects-a project bag and a really cute stuffed bunny with a cloth attached. The bunny will be for Elizabeth for Easter. The bag? Who knows.....

The Marble Chunky ball is even larger than it looks in the photo. It's 100% acrylic, something I NEVER knit with, except for this project, and the other is Plymouth Yarn Heaven, and it is 100% nylon, something I NEVER knit with, except for this project. What can I say? I am a wool snob!

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Mary Ellen said...

Me, too, (wool snobbery) except that people keep giving me acrylic yarn, and sometimes I do something with it, just to get rid of it. I have two giant shopping bags full of yarn that I don't really want to use, but what can I do? I was thinking of trying to find someone to donate it to.