Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Day!

Well, I am just so happy, happy, happy!

Mrs. G. and Derwad Manor are back. Mrs. G. formerly created and managed and wrote for the Women's Colony, but that came to an end a few months ago. Before WC, Mrs. G. wrote Derwad Manor, but left that to go to WC. And now she is back!!!


I called older daughter to tell her about this great news, but SHE ALREADY KNEW and hadn't told me. She said that if I were on Twitter and Facebook, I would have known, but since I choose to be ignorant of new communications forums, tough luck. (Not really. She apologized for not telling me.)

My favorite of Mrs. G.'s new posts?

This one, about her brief flirtation with joining the Peace Corps.

Or maybe this one, one of her great letters to her mother.

Or this update on her neighborhood.

Well, whichever, I'm just glad she's back.


Becca said...

sorry, I knew too...;(

Susan said...

Oh no, I knew too - sorry, I should have been spreading the good word!