Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Well, I Tried.

This partial scarf is the proof that I shouldn't buy yarn without a pattern in hand. I am just not an experienced enough knitter to buy yarn, thinking that I can turn it into a ..... without knowing for sure how many yards I need.

This is made from yarn younger daughter picked out when I was visiting her in Los Angeles, and I was sure that I could make a scarf out of it. I probably can, but not this scarf.
The measuring tape shows that the scarf is fifteen inches long. I weighed the yarn that is left, and I have just about half of the original skein to go. So that will make the scarf a whopping 30 inches long.

Not what younger daughter or I had in mind.
I will frog this (AND it was knit on size TWO needles-grrr....) and start again. I may use some gorgeous Rowan silk haze yarn, or I might look for a coordinating sock yarn on Thursday.

In the meantime, I will work on the fronts of this vest I am making for one of my two older granddaughters. I will eventually make two of them, and since they wear the same size now in most clothing, they can share. (Their mother laughs, scoffs at this concept.)
I'm not wild about the colors-sort of bright? gaudy? garish? I don't know. I just hope one of the girls likes the colors.

I have two other projects otn now. Finishing the skirt freed up knitting time, but I find that I miss the focus that having one large project gave me. Weird, isn't it?


sallyknit said...

I love the way the yarn formed that diamond right in the center!

Becca said...

what is this word you use? "share"??? explain...

Keeffer said...

i liked where the scarf was going though! i love the yarn.