Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why I Don't Own a Dog

I was reading Murrmurr's post about all the plastic we use, and noticed that one of her readers left a comment about how she likes to use plastic bags in cold weather to pick up dog poo when she walks the dog. She says she puts the warm poo in the bags and then puts the bags in her pockets to keep her hands warm. Euwwwwww........................{{{{{shudder}}}}}

Anyway, reading that reminded me of this sign posted in front of a house in my neighborhood. Dog owners are supposed to pick up after their dogs, but apparently someone isn't.

What this homeowner will do when he gets film of the scofflaw I can't imagine. Shoot the guy? Kick the dog? Call the police? I don't know.

Nice try though.


Becca said...

oh gross! I get rid of the shit bags asap and they never go in a pocket

Murr Brewster said...

Let me hasten to say I don't park doggie doots in my pockets. I don't even have a dog. It was my friend with the hand-warming technique. I have photos, but I was kind enough not to share them with the blogosphere. Thanks for the mention, sweet pea!