Monday, August 9, 2010

IQ Test

Recently the author of Hyperbole and a Half wrote about using an online IQ test for her dog, which she worried might be retarded. (Sadly, it turns out that he is.)

I have just come up with an IQ test for both kitten and human:

Hypothesis: A human is smarter than a kitten.

Procedure: Conduct the Chase the Red Laser Dot test many, many, many times.

Results: Knittergran (test human) gives up way, way sooner than does Baxter (four-month old test kitten).

Conclusion: Knittergran is smarter than Baxter.

Therefore: Humans are smarter than kittens.

(And no, I wasn't chasing the dot; Baxter was. Thanks for asking.)

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Susan said...

I sent that Hyperbole post to my kids - it made me laugh until I cried!