Sunday, January 30, 2011


This is what I want to knit RIGHT NOW. I have the pattern for it, but not the yarn. It is a Brooklyn Tweed pattern and I love the Shelter yarn he made it from. My LYS does not sell Shelter; I could order it by mail of course, but it wouldn't be here RIGHT NOW.

Immediate gratification is I. Me. I? Me? I have the pattern AND the yarn for this wrap (Summit Shawl) and I was very enthusiastic about making it months ago when the yarn arrived. I have seen it in person and it's beautiful. It looks difficult but I'm told it is not, once the stitch pattern clicks in the brain.

BUT I really, really, really want to knit the Brooklyn Tweed Juneberry Triangle.



hokgardner said...

I could just drive down to Hill Country Weavers, buy you the yarn and overnight it. Then you'd be able to start knitting tomorrow.

Becca said...

and once you knit it, it would even easier to overnight the shawl to!

Susan said...

I want it now, too!!