Saturday, January 8, 2011


When I was growing up, my family was first Catholic, and then Presbyterian. The one faith that remained constant, however, was the belief that Vicks could cure anything and everything. My husband's family believed in Pepto Bismol, and what that didn't cure, horse liniment could. To each his own.

But I have had ---I swear---a disease for about a week and I I am not a patient person. So when I remembered a tip a friend had given me about Vicks, I thought about my family's faith in it, and decided that I had nothing to lose. Here's how it goes:

Spread Vicks all over the soles of the feet. Cover with cotton socks. Go to bed.

Thursday and Friday nights, that's what I did. I am no better. Perhaps the method relies on the placebo effect and I am just not a strong enough believer.

I do have very soft skin, though.

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sallyknit said...

I never heard of putting it on the feet. We always rubbed it on the chest. Haven't used it for years but you never know!