Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What I Will Take to My Grave

No, not any secrets; I don't know any secrets.

Just three things:

I will take my knitting. It's more than one thing, especially when I consider my stash, but I consider it a category, so it's one thing.

My Ipod, because who can live (although, now that I think about it, that's kind of irrelevant)without music?

And my Kindle. I love, love, love my Kindle. Since it arrived for my birthday in September, I've read twenty-four books!!! And even though I consider myself a capital R Reader, that is a lot of books in a few months. I've read new (old) authors: P.G. Wodehouse; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (but I always figure out his Sherlock Holmes mysteries before the end/no fun there); Agatha Christie ( I NEVER figure out who done it before the end, either with Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot); PD James; Anne Perry (who, along with a friend, killed the friend's mother by beating her to death with rocks, for no apparent reason. She did some time somewhere, and is now on the loose, writing murder mysteries [write what you know?]); Charles Todd (who, even though the books are published as his, collaborates with his mother in writing them); and Alexander McCall Smith.

And new (new) authors: Emma Donoghue (Room: A Novel....ick. I never like children-in-peril stories); Henning Mankell (Wallander); Scott Spencer (Man in the Woods---liked it; kept thinking about it after I read it); and Timothy Egan (The Big Burn---about the establishment of the National Forest system. Surprise, surprise. The people in power at the time---no, not the government, the magnates, oil, rail, lumber, land--- wanted the land to remain free so they could grab it. The government managed to set aside millions of acres for the park system. Can you imagine the businesses that would have sprung up along the rim of the Grand Canyon? Dew Drop Inn perhaps?); John Grisham (The Confession); and Chris Cleave (Little Bee: A Novel).

I admit that a part of the appeal of the Kindle is the immediate-gratification factor. I hear someone recommend a book or an author, and it's MINE!!! Just that fast. It's also easy to carry, so it goes everywhere with me, in my purse.

I did consider my that I should take my iPhone, but really, who would want to hear from me, and what would I say anyway?

What have you been doing?

Me? says I, oh, nothing much....reading, knitting, listening to my music....I could use a light though...

OK---four things.


Becca said...

I feel the same way about my Nook, and i could not even finish Room (disappointing because Mrs g recommended it. it upset me so much though). I just finished Her Fearful Symmetry and really enjoyed it.

Ann in NJ said...

I so want a Kindle/Nook/iPad, but it would really just be a toy. On the other hand, I love to read, but haven't been reading much lately. On the other other hand, maybe I would read more if I had an eReader?

Can you tell I'm trying to justify one? I'll take my knitting, too.