Wednesday, September 7, 2011

And Now

I have finished another project. One of these socks has been without its partner for so long that I don't remember when I started on it. But now there are two. I love the yarn: Rio de la Plata, kettle dyed, 100% pure new wool from Uruguay. The yarn is soft and the colors are spun together in a really interesting way. If I were a spinner, I could probably tell you how, but I have no clue.

At last week's knit night, one of the knitters (Hi Deanna) showed us how she knits two socks at once on a 40-inch long circular needle. The way she described the method almost made sense to me; I think I could do it with a little coaching. But I can't decide which method is better psychologically. I used dpns for this pair of socks, and for a long time I had one sock completed. That's it. If I had used the circular needle method, I would have had two one-half socks completed. I don't know which outcome would bother/nag at me more.

And now for something completely different. This is a photo of some of the fire in the Austin, Texas area. This is a view from west of downtown looking east. Scary. Daughter says that there are so many fires that Austin is almost surrounded. Governor Perry cut the budget for volunteer fire departments, who are the first responders to 90% of wild fires in the state, by 75% this year. Seems like a bad idea now, but who would have thought that there could be such bad fires during fire season after the driest, hottest summer on record?


hokgardner said...

The fires are terrible - thousands are now homeless. And the air is so filled with smoke today that it's not safe to be outside.

But it was nice of ol' Governor Good Hair to quit campaigning and come back to his "day job." (Yes, he actually called it that.)

And after declining hundreds of millions in federal money for education, he's now having a fit that the feds aren't coughing up disaster relief fast enough.

Can you tell I don't like the guy?

Becca said...

he's a DICK!

Susan said...

Few politicians have the "gift" of forsight or common sense. There is a reasn tose emergency people are in place...