Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hello? 911?

The girls and I refer to these contraptions, fearfully, not affectionately, as Dad's Kervorkian machines. His goal is to reattach the fan to the ceiling in my knitting/tv room and this is the system he has cobbled together to accomplish that. I am always present for these shenanigans because someone has to call 911.

So far, so good, except that the fan won't turn on. The Kervorkian machine has been disassembled, but it looks as if it might have to go up again.

Did I mention how WOBBLY it is??? And that I'm here to call 911?

Also, not one of the three ladders he has available to him will reach the ceiling in the family room, so it looks as if he will have to go off to Lowe's to rent one.

Mission. Creep.

[Update: The fan works and is quiet. One down; one to go.]


hokgardner said...

Oh dear dog. There is just so much wrong with those pictures.

Susan said...

My husband does similar things when working in the yard using his truck as one of the pillars...I, too am poised to call 911.