Monday, September 12, 2011


Not as much fun as HGTV would have you think.

We (and that IS the Royal We) have two projects going at once.

One is to replace drawers in the kitchen that have gone all wobbly and off center when we try to open and close them:

The new drawers were made to order, but don't seem to be the right size. That means adding shims or something to make them fit.
So that means a mess in the kitchen. For how long?

The next project is an example of the dreaded Mission Creep. The fan---missing in this photo---in the room where the TV is and where I usually knit, was making a terrible gronk, gronk, gronk
noise. The fan is 22 years old, and so we decided to replace it.

When we went to Home Depot to choose a fan, I found one I liked but it was too large for my knitting room.

Light bulb moment! Let's put it in the family room, which is the larger room, and take the one from the family room and put it in the knitting room, which is the smaller room. Brilliant!!! So now the family room is missing a fan as well. This is no small concern in the south, where even with air-conditioning, air needs to be constantly moving to keep us comfortable.

But something was wrong with the wiring in the long rod in the family room, and now dH has to go all the way to the ceiling to fix this. He doesn't own a tall enough ladder, so he borrowed one from a neighbor. We have ladders all over the place now.

In the knitting room:

In the hallway:
And we have stuff all over the place. The new blades:
The old but soon to be re-used blades:
The box, the plastic bags, the parts:

AND, much to the delight of my granddaughters, the EYE is still stuck to the ceiling.
The EYE has been on the ceiling since July and shows no signs of falling off. I hope the drawers and fans are installed sooner than the eye drops off because I have been told that that might never happen. It's really sticky...

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Becca said...

we have the same coffee table! But I have no eye on my ceiling. (and my word verification is that trying to tell me something?)