Saturday, November 19, 2011


All of these girls know how to wear scarves. I'm a knitter. I have the scarves; I don't have a clue. I fumble, I tie knots, I drape, I loop. Nothing comes out right.

Even in summer, with jeans and a t-shirt, a scarf, perfectly styled.These four girls know what they're doing.
Uh, NO.

Honestly, even a guy knows what he's doing.
Wait---is that David Beckham? OK, so maybe it's his stylist who knows what she is doing. I don't have a stylist.

So what's a knitter to do?

While I figure this out....and stop knitting scarves...... if you see someone who isn't Bea Arthur but who looks like this, it might be me.

And if you see someone who is not wearing these shoes but who looks like this, it might be me.
Or someone who is not so thin but who looks like this, it might be me.
So many scarves. So little sense of style.


Susan said...

I have the knowledge but not the scarves! And the woman with the scarf as a belt? I am under the belief that you should emphasise the smallest part of your torso - not the widest!

Sigrun said...

There is a video called '25 WAYS TO WEAR A SCARF' I don't know how to link. Next time I post in my blog, I'll try to link it there.