Monday, January 7, 2013

Just in Case

you have been wondering what I have been up to...but you probably haven't been since you have your own lives and all...I'll tell you.

I have been working on this scarf:

It is called the 100 Grammi cowl, but I added a second skein of yarn and it will be a scarf instead.  It is made from 100% MINK!!!  It's so soft; I can't wait to squish it up and wind it around my neck on a cold day.  It's been cold---for Georgia---and I hope it lasts just a few more days.  I had to take borrow back the skein of mink I bought for older daughter, but I have already replaced it with a skein of 100% mink, navy blue (her request).  I did catch Baxter playing with it but I rescued it in time.

On Friday I made a half portion of Pioneer Woman's Perfect Potato Soup, and it is delicious.  The full recipe is for 12 people---YIKES---but as she cooks for a minimum of six people and I usually cook for a maximum of two, I thought that six portions were enough.  
I used a submersible blender to chop up all the vegetables in it and the soup was Perfect!  Just as PW's recipe promises.

Well, this is exciting---I bought a re-usable coffee cup from Starbucks.  It costs $1.00 and each time I use it, I get $.10 off the price of my beverage.  If I remember to carry the cup in the car with me.
In the bad news department, the moths got to my winter coat---AGAIN.  I followed all instructions to avoid this---clean the coat, put a cedar block in the closet, keep a light on 24/7 in the closet, and put lavender in the closet.  But the coat is toast.
I am not happy.

I have learned that I should not follow Pioneer Woman's stocking up list.  Again, she cooks for at least six people, and I cook for two.  The result is that stuff goes bad before I use it.

I can't not mention Christmas!!!  We went to older daughter's home in Austin and spent a lot of time with all of her family as well as with my younger daughter and her boyfriend from LA.  A great time was had by all, and as my grandson said when he came downstairs on Christmas morning and saw the gifts under the tree:  It worked!

Ella (12), Elizabeth (4), Lily (almost 10) and Campbell (6)

Yes, Christmas worked again this year---a wonderful time with family.  :-)

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Susan said...

Love your update!

I have 3 coats with moth holes - I don't know what to do with them. I hate to donate them but they are otherwise nice and warm...

The grandkids look wonderful in your photo. Really growing up!