Monday, January 14, 2013

My Mink Scarf

or wrap.  Or shawl.  It is seven feet long, so I'm not sure what it qualifies as, but I love it because it is just so soft.....

And that is because it is made from 100% mink yarn that I bought at Stitches South last spring.  I bought a skein for me and one for older daughter, and then over Christmas, I took the one I bought for her back.

What else could I do???  One skein wasn't enough.

This is from the pattern on Ravelry called 100 grammi.  I had started out trying lace with the yarn and was not enjoying it, and I believe my daughter had done the same.  She had frogged hers and so it was all ready for me to use.  (I did replace it with a new skein from the shop.)

For the first time I used a method to join yarns that is especially good for light weights of yarn and lacy projects.  I don't remember who found it and spread the word about it, but it is brilliant:

No more ends to weave in and that is a great help when there really is no place to weave them into.

I loved the simplicity of the pattern and the outcome so much that now I'm looking through my stash to find some suitable yarn to make another one.  But not a seven-foot long one.

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Susan said...

Beautiful - I would love such a long scarf for all the neat ways they can be worn.