Friday, July 11, 2014

The Demon Bike is Gone

We just sold the Demon Bike, the one I fell off of. I think it was just too tall for me, even though when I bought it, I had tried it out, compared it to others, and felt fine on it.

For a brief few days while I was recovering from the surgery to fix my broken wrist, I thought, “I WILL ride that $%^&* bike. No bike is going to beat me.” Then I looked at the ugly scar running up my arm and thought, “Never mind.”

I had really good intentions when I bought it. I was going to ride it to the Post Office, the grocery store, Michaels, PetSmart, the gym. I even bought a basket and a lock for it. Riding it would be FUN!!!

But the bike did beat me, and now it’s gone. Sniff....sniff...sniff....  I'm actually a little sad about selling it; I really did want to be able to bike places.

Best of luck to the new owner.

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