Wednesday, July 23, 2014


We have had our four grandchildren here since last Tuesday.  They are at the airport now waiting for their flight to Austin, TX, where their Dad and their dog, FeeBee, will be very happy to see them.

Baxter and Molly, however, have had mixed reactions to the intruders.  

Molly, even though the kids have been gone a couple of hours now, is still in hiding in the basement, where she spent most of their visit. Is there PTSD counseling available for cats?

Baxter came and went from view throughout the week.  He occasionally found temporary (but ineffective) hiding places:

And other times he was quite happy to spend time watching the kids.  This morning he even seemed unhappy that they seemed to be preparing to leave.

But sitting on a suitcase didn't work.

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Sigrun said...

This set of posts about the grandchildren brought back good memories of times with our grandkids (now 25, 24, 22,and almost-20. They used to spend a week or two with us at the farm, and I'd spend a week or two at their house when their parents went to Vegas. And there is good news that we are expecting another grandbaby in Feb.--youngest daughter and spouse finally woke up to the fact of the "biological clock". thank you for your response on my blog.